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Hawa Cosmetics was created for its namesake, a working makeup artist and model, with over a decade of being a makeup artist saw first-hand women’s confusion and frustration at gimmicky products and confusing beauty regimes.

Well-edited useful pieces will be the hallmark of the Hawa Cosmetics and a welcomed change for the overwhelmed department store consumer. Hawa’s at counter experience has taught her what products women are specifically looking for.

Hawa then started to realize that owning her own makeup boutique was not far fetch.

She then opened up Hawa Cosmetics in 2009 in Fort Greene Brooklyn. Her Pretty Pink Boutique would go on and sell makeup and skin care, she also opened up a Makeup Academy. Which was a 2 week course that provided certificates of completion at the end of Training.

Hawa Cosmetics then opened up in Downtown Brooklyn and Jefferey Steins Hair Salon in Manhattan. 6 Year’s into business she decided to go back to the cosmetic floor of Saks, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Cosbar, Carlyle Hotel and Bloomingdales. To see then that social media and web presence was taking a toll on these stores.

So now The Rebirth of Hawa Cosmetics has emerged via social media/ web presence and she’s not looking back.

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